In the field of laser tag, there are multiple offers. But beware of traps! There are some advices to choose your partner:

Never pay an entrance fees if those are not refundable in totality or partially if things do not go as planned.

Look if the franchisor respects the Doublin law, how many play centers he possesses, what is his level of experience in each domain if there is a multiple leisure offer.

Call or visit centers that work or have worked with the franchisor, and not only with those indicated by him. For us, the list of centers is available on ;contact them. .

Check by yourself the quality of the proposed equipment because in our sector the equipment and software are the keys of the activity.

Inquire on supplier's banking partners.

Inquire with the bank guarantee agencies (OSEO, BDPME, etc …)

Check if the PID (pre-contractual information document), mandatory even for a trademark license, is well-filled. A lot of information about the company and its managers should be noticed.

Try to “appreciate” the quick answers of your partners; the time between your request and his response reveals his capacity to manage emergencies or his ability to respect deadlines.

Beware of insistent sales managers; they usually disappear just after the signature.

Check if the people you meet are the managers of the company. Some people hide behind parents or friends because of their chaotic professional background.

In the exploitation context, ask concrete technical questions on the background. Be sure of the real experience in the field of laser game.

Check all given information.

Respecting those recommendations, you should be safe from bad surprises.

Warning: the website is not the LGE group’s official website. .

It cannot prevail the skills and experience acquired over 11 years by LGE Group.

The Laser Game Evolution ® brand is the continuity of the Laser Game ® brand..

If you chose another concept of brand licence, verify the seriousness of your choice by several ways.

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