Laser Game Evolution®

  • 100% laser technology
  • 86 Playground
  • 6 countries equipped
  • Game modes
  • Interactive modules
  • Holographic Briefing
Game rules
The concept of Laser Game Evolution game is really simple: Each players are equipped with a plastron and a Laser Tag Gun (harmless, CE norms) and evolved into a dark labyrinth where the purpose is to deactivate as many players as possible. Playing individually or up to three teams simultaneously, Laser Game Evolution offers the opportunity to be played as a tournament, to create a dynamic within a group of employees, to celebrate in a fantastic way a birthday, or to simply spend a good time and take a fun, joy and happiness with family and friends. It is in a dark and confusing environment made of bulkhead, reflecting zone, with all kinds of obstacles composed of mezzanines and bridges that players have to find their enemies.
Game modes
Laser Game Evolution offers different game modes which allow new approaches and new sensations to continuously renew the pleasure of the game! Game modes are also a way to stand out from the competition and to bring innovation. Communicated on it, this permits to renew the attraction that our game induces on players. This is an asset to convince clients and also to retain them. Thanks to that, the Laser Game Evolution concept is one of the most complete of the market and can meet all the expectations of players. It also permits to create a dynamic within LGE center, as an events topic …
A module is an additional accessory in the game zone with which players can interact (base, target, laser beam …). This permits to spice up parties by blocking some access or by allowing players to earn extra points. The continuous creation of new modules by Laser Game Equipement and their installations are source of novelty and an occasion to renew the experience of the game for clients. The current modules available are:
-The trap: such as grenade or mine, the trap allows to protect a zone or to dislodge enemies who tried to be hiding.
-The base: capture a base reports points to your team. Capture at least one to win the maximum points!
-The laser door: green laser bars block the passage. Impossible to cross unless by deactivate it during few seconds.