The SAS LASER GAME ENTREPRISE is the holding company of LGE Group, owner of the trademarks. It is the decision-making center, which involve:
  • The administration and the group LGE’s management.
  • The marketing policy and the development of Laser Game Evolution ®, Laser Lander ® ,Yoo Moov Stations, Moov Game brands.
  • The management of subsidiaries and own play centers by the group.
  • The financial policy and the relationship with banks partners.
LGE group is the only one authorized to receive orders, at the creation of website and/or to treat any information request related to the brands Laser Lander ® and Laser Game Evolution ®, excluding any other physical or moral person.

You wish to receive information on the creation of a Laser Lander® center, Laser Game Evolution® center or on the acquisition of equipment; please fill our information sheet.