Moov Game

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We had a lot of ideas of games, and many of them can be developed to a unique concept. That’s how Moov games emerged.
. Independent laser game activities, that bring a total immersive new game experience adapted to the tastes of each player:

Squaser : first racket sport incorporating a 100% laser technology. Alone or two players with its progressive technology, it fits all!
Young and old can enjoy this technological innovation “made in LGE”. Your goal is to win a maximum of points by cutting laser beams reflecting across the room with your Squaser-01 racket. From one player.
Moov Car : : more focused on fun that pure automobile simulation, Moov Car has been funny for the whole family. Well established in your car seat fixed on an electric actuator, be prepared to a crazy pursuit race dotted of looping, boosters and jumps. From two players.
Cine Moov 5di :be ready to live amazing cinema session composed of superb 3D images, dynamic seats (5D), incredible specials effects (4D) and obviously interactivity using exclusively 100% laser technology which has been the strength of LGE group.
Moov Craft :Embark on an exciting adventure which will make you loose your sense of direction. Rotation at 360°, the Moov Craft is reserved to people who like extreme sensations, strong emotions guarantee!
Duel Game :Did you dream to challenge your friends in a singular laser game duel? At 2, 4 or in a tournament, test your reflexes in the Duel Game where the public can watch in live and at the same time follow the score of each matches !
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Les salles en France
  • Squaser : Poitiers et Tours
  • Moov Car : Annemasse, Dijon, Limoges, Grenoble, SMH, Valenciennes
  • Cine Moov : Limoges, Mulhouse, SMH
  • Moov Craft : SMH
  • Duel Game : Grenoble